Sunday, December 3, 2006

Feminism is dead - really?

I got howled down at dinner last night when i said "feminism is dead"... oddly enough it was mainly the male contingent who were assuring me that women have never had it so good. The most positive female comment was that young women are so much more confident these days.

i agree... but there's confidence and there's the real world. Power, security and wealth are still largely male domains. Yes, there are more women bank managers... but i think being a bank manager has become a downgraded job. There are still very few female CEOs, board leaders, Exec Directors, Ministers etc.

what gets my goat! is that girls are proud of their right to take all their clothes off and have casual sex. YYAAYY! But whose best interest is being served? You still can't get paid! Why not legitimise sex work if we're going to make an industry out of promoting the sexualisation of women.

show me the money!