This blog celebrates my youngest daughter's mythical creation "Azabel the Green Reaper", who sleeps with her sword. She screams and leaps as well. After years of wanting to be a woman warrior and of wanting a website or meeting place for other female fighters, I am finally taking action. Take notice.
Here is where I hope to revisit my collection of great women's science fiction and fantasy, epic adventure characters and women writers. I make no apology for straying wherever my interest leads me, from inspiring films and paintings to real life female fighters I train with like Holly Fernley, 5 times world champion kickboxer, and Eleni, the youngest female Tae Kwondo junior blackbelt in Australia (she's 6).
While I'm throwing down my metaphorical gauntlet, here goes for 2006:
  • Blackbelt
  • Sparring and my first ever tournament (or two)
  • Loss of another 10 to 12 kilos
  • Full splits (give or take a couple of inches)
  • Cardio - 3 rounds of 2 minutes non stop kicking
  • Friday Night Female Fight Club - training and socialising once a month with all the other women i'm running into.
  • plus keeping my daughters going till they get their black belts - which is probably before mine
copied from earlier blog - january 2006