Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Society for Creative Anachronism meets here

If you've read this, then you know the secret. The answer is not the date at the bottom of the post. This blog is a compilation of bits of earlier blogs relaunched on blogger later this year. Or earlier last year. Depending on how or who you look at it.

For years I've been on the almost bleeding edge. I've watched. I've dabbled. I've dillied, I've dallied, procrastinated, carped and moaned. I've been allowed myself to be put off by a few early adopters who have not gone in directions or with flavours that I like.

Like missing out on my domain name because we didn't want to spend $25. Like not starting the first Aust freecycle cause I didn't have time. Like not...

Regrets. I've had a few. The blogs that I've started and not followed through with. The stilted selfconscious prose. Stuff it.

I'm blogging like there's no tomorrow and I've discovered how to back date my posts. Now I will look.. like a not so late adopter.

And if I've only just figured it out... how long has this been going on! Check out the Wayback Machine, which highlights the swings and roundabouts nature of all. Although I am largely invisible and had a tedious time piecing together my various free blogs and sites!

We also apparently gazumped someone from their domain but I'm still bummed about being gazumped or cheated out of several others.

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