Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Men who do housework may get more sex

You can't beat that for a lead into 'Technology As Experience'. Especially as I have a very broad definition of technology, and experience for that matter. For tonight's seminar task we had to post two vignettes expressing 'technology as experience' in a very pragmatic fashion.

Who Drives Who

The alarm drives her out of bed in the morning before she has taken her first woken breath. Soon she has to wake the children. There may be time for her time before…

She boils the jug and runs the shower and starts the first load of the weekly washing. The shower goes cold when the washer kicks in and she jumps out of her skin and into her clothes.

It’s time to call the children and the rest is a blur of breakfast and bag packing and breaking up fights.

She checks the clock. She checks the calendar. She checks the clock again. She’s late. She has forgotten the date.

The jug has boiled dry and the washing needs drying and the drying up needs returning to the drawer.

She draws a breath in the doorway before driving them all into the car and away.


She pats her head, her glasses are there. She pats her pocket, her phone is there. She pats her bag, her cards and keys are there. She taps the keys. She still can't leave. The seminar is over but the screen is still on.

She feels oddly naked, anxious and impelled. She types and surfs and searches and scrolls and taps and pats. And taps and pats. She can’t stop still.

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