Friday, May 14, 2010

I think I'm turning Japanese. No, really.

Why has Bob Geldof turned black? I saw this pic in the Sydney Film Festival mag and thought, funny, he looks like Bob Geldof but black. Maybe it's bad printing but, really. He's not turning Japanese. He's turned black.

Michael Jackson gone backwards. Trying to become white, killed Michael Jackson. This is cultural consumption. It's not enough to have African babies. You can turn yourself black with judicious sunlamping and/or Caribbean holidays. Now, I almost slept with Bob when I was 16 (which is another story) but he was a kind of pasty Irish white then.

Don't you think that tanning is a way of asserting cultural superiority? I was always a complete fail surfie. I used to get called Moby Dick "the great white whale" whenever I went to the beach.

For some reason that compelled me to actually learn to surf unlike most of the other beach babes of the time, however, when did tan get to be important? The consensus is that tan is slimming. That is also another story. If you look at the history, then when tan is in, white is powerful and black is not. So it is a cultural cannibalism.

Dessert anyone?

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