Friday, June 4, 2010

Center for a Stateless Society: Find Your Philosophy Quiz

Thanks for completing the quiz!

How you scored:

60% Economic Leftist(Economic Leftist / Economic Rightist)
3% Statist(Anarchist / Statist)
75% Anti-Militarist(Anti-Militarist / Militarist)
85% Socio-Cultural Liberal(Socio-Cultural Liberal / Socio-Cultural Conservative)
40% Civil Libertarian(Civil Libertarian / Civil Authoritarian)

Many quizzes designed to identify your ideological commitments are available online. We catalogued some of them in the announcement for this one. But most of them fail to distinguish among diverse kinds of positions — ones related to war and peace, economic freedom, society and culture, civil liberties, and state power. A single-axis ("left" vs. "right") categorization of people's beliefs obscures many important distinctions. But even two-axis charts, like The Political Compass and the one used to represent results on The World's Smallest Political Quiz lump clearly different kinds of positions together.

On-line political quizzes are particularly tough for anarchists: there's often no way to distinguish between believing that a given state of affairs is desirable and believing that someone should bring it about by force — say, using state power. Thus, the typical online quiz makes it impossible to distinguish between people who oppose particular goals and people who oppose using the state to achieve those goals.

The C4SS Find Your Philosophy Quiz is an experiment designed to help make the distinctions between views about goals and views about ways of reaching those goals more clear and to enable anarchists to understand and highlight both their similarities with and differences from statists who may be their allies, adversaries, or conversation-partners. It’s designed to help place you along five separate spectra: Economic Leftist/Economic Rightist; Civil Libertarian/Civil Authoritarian; Socio-Cultural Liberal/Socio-Cultural Conservative; Anti-Militarist/Pro-Militarist; and Anarchist/Statist. There are 106 questions here, which aim to do so with a fine degree of granularity.

The Quiz is a work in progress. We welcome your feedback, and we look forward to working with you to improve its value as an analytical and educational tool. This is version 1.0, and you can leave feedback in the comments on the quiz announcement post.

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Hmm. Might not be the best fit for the Center for a Stateless Society! My anarchism is a bit broke. It can be hard to separate what I'd like from what there is. Fun quiz though sometimes obviously framed. A real challenge to write otherwise though!

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