Thursday, December 16, 2010

Earth to Andra

The first Robot Cultures symposium at Sydney University is absolutely fabulous, only I had to leave the evening gathering and run and hide. After a whole day discussing robotics and culture and all the finer points of autonomy, identity, agency, sense, cognition, culture and intelligence... etc.

Well, they're showing Monster Trucks on the TV at the pub. Which seems like a perfectly normal thing to be watching on my 3rd straight day of robotics conferences and competitions. Those massive machines look just like the rinky dink remote control toys half the time. They also leap and bound with an animal grace, as if possessed of their own autonomy and anima. The audience responds immediately to the broken wheels. The scantily clad cheergirls hold up score cards. The crowd cheer. We have another beer.
Maybe no-one else noticed the monster trucks on tv cause the robot culture crowd discussion was pretty interesting but, frankly, it did my head in. What is a robot culture compared to a monster truck culture? Is it different?

Earth to Andra. The latest thoughts on robotics are that the senses should lead cognition.

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