Friday, April 15, 2011

Sorting algorithms demonstrated with Hungarian folk dance

Bubble sort dance

We've seen sorting algorithms visualized and auralized, but now it's time to see them through the spirit of Hungarian folk dance. In a series of four videos (so far), folks at Sapientia University in Romania demonstrate how different sorting algorithms work with numbered people dancing around and arranging themselves from least to greatest.

See them in action in the video below. This one is for Bubble-sort. They move with such zest.

[Video Link via @shancarter & Boing Boing]

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At first I found this baffling, however when I could see the (very simple) rule unfolding, it became as seductive as an abacus. It does raise almost as many questions as it answers though. Questions which are not frequently raised in math. Who taught the rules? Why are the odd numbers female?

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