Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sociology 1010101010101

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Great article - describes a huge study showing that weak social ties can insert information into our online 'bubbles', reducing the echo chamber effect. However, as Mahjoo points out, the content of the new information wasn't evaluated, so really whether new information that has radical content (ie. protax if you aren't) is as effective as neutral novelty (ie. cute kitten) is still an unknown.

It's also really cool that this study covered 1.2 billion instances of link sharing from 250 million people! Massive.Edit

Howard Rheingold's profile photoHoward Rheingold originally shared this post:
The End of the Echo Chamber
A study of 250 million Facebook users reveals the Web isn’t as polarized as we thought.
Today, Facebook is publishing a study that disproves some hoary conventional wisdom about the Web. According to this new research, the online echo chamber doesn’t exist. This is of particular interest...

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