Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Three Faces of Me - Mad, Mum and Menopaused

"The truth is, a great mind must be androgynous." Coleridge.

2008 has been marked by early menopause. So to celebrate, I'm taking Menopause the Moshpit and all things grumpy old woman to a new blog - andragy.com

The stages of life have blurred somewhat. I'm still in the middle of the playground mafia but I've gone from presexual, to full sexual, to breeder (thus no sex) to ... been there done that... let's talk about bonescans. Good news though after the hot flushes have finished the sex drive returns and I don't need to worry about having more children! Haven't got round to telling my hubbie yet though, I'm still wondering just how many laps I want to take a sex drive for.

And I'm still young enough to be going to gigs, learning to surf and playing soccer - albeit creakily at times. And I'm still mad enough to give a shit that feminism is harder to find than a flea's dick with a microscope. (Why do women think they won? What is this post feminist rhetoric? We have entered a pre-Victorian era!)

So Azabela will wait for the return of the woman warrior and all three faces of me are moving to somewhere grumpier... perhaps with a bigger agenda. And whatever happened to those earlier blogs that I forgot about?

Andragyne; the union of both sexes in one body. (Websters)

And i know promote myself to 3 SWORDS for bringing all the grumbling into one long loud SHOUT OUT!

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