Sunday, October 26, 2008

Robot Nation - coming to your screens soon

Personally, we already have a robot vacuum cleaner and I LOVE IT AND ALL THINGS ROBOT! I was a scifi geek girl from conception. We also have a robot mop and many robot toys. Note.. my mother bought a 'robot' appliance but was very disappointed in the product. Anything can call itself 'robot' and frequently does. However Korea has forecast robotics as the social and industrial growth area of the next decade and is pouring in as much money as it did into broadband, and everyone has broadband in Korea.

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We honestly haven't kept up with the television documentary Vanguard or its sponsoring Internet/Cable channel Current TV, but this trailer for their upcoming show Japan: Robot Nation has our interest piqued. We're digging all of the robots, the ties of said robots to evolving Japanese culture and the overly dramatic score supporting the whole thing. The show doesn't air until December 10, 10PM EST & 10PM PST on Current TV. But if you've got the channel, now might be a good time to set the DVR. Otherwise it'll probably be viewable on the web at that time, too.
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"Japan, the world's No. 2 economy and important global player, is experiencing the steepest peacetime population decline in history. A combination of low birthrates, changing lifestyles and strict immigration policies may be cause for the fall of a nation once expected to challenge American supremacy on the world stage. Japan's government is looking at several ways to stem the tide; encouraging and providing incentives to couples to have more sex -- and more babies. However, because Japan's insular and xenophobic society will not tolerate the admission of greater numbers of immigrants, Japan's tackling the population problem in a way only it can -- by creating a robot nation.

Japan's issues aren't isolated ... Many European nations, especially & old; countries like Italy, are experiencing the same population contraction. And even though Japan is unique in its problems and solutions, there's a sense that it simply reflects a future much of the rest of the developed world will soon see.

Tune in to watch me interact with Japan's latest robots: Wednesday, December 10, 10PM EST & 10PM PST"

Quotes From Adam Yamaguchi on Current

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