Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vale Nancy-Bird Walton 1906? to 2009

Nancy-Bird Walton in 1934 (Fairfax Archives)
Australian aviation pioneer Nancy-Bird Walton has died at age 93 in her North Sydney home. Full SMH article here.
She lived an interesting life and I'm exceedingly pleased that she saw some respect for her accomplishments within her lifetime.
Mainly though, I wonder which came first. The name Bird or the flying? Was it a self fulfilling prophecy? Or like my grandma, did she change her name to suit herself?

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KJ said...

I have a pathological, crazed DISLIKE of flying BUT I reckon I might just have hopped in with Nancy BW.....she was brave, passionate, a consumate professional.....and beautiful to boot...! She once said something like this: No matter how bad the storm is, no matter how bad things's always sunny a bit further up....
See ya Nancy, see ya....