Sunday, January 3, 2010

World's Best Science Shirts 3


Science: We finally figured out that you could separate fact from superstition by a completely radical method: observation. You can try things, measure them, and see how they work! Bitches.
The babydoll shirt is a slightly lighter green. The graph on the back of the shirt is data from the COBE mission, which looked at the background microwave glow of the universe and found that it fit perfectly with the idea that the universe used to be really hot everywhere. This strongly reinforced the Big Bang theory and was one of the most dramatic examples of an experiment agreeing with a theory in history -- the data points fit perfectly, with error bars too small to draw on the graph. It's one of the most triumphant scientific results in history.
This one is with gritted teeth though. Not only can't I wear it for school science club, where they'd probably appreciate the epithet, but I have to wonder why it is necessary. World's most important science result and bitches in same shirt. Women and science. It's an uneasy relationship. That's why I'm sending off for Sydney Padua's shirts. See next post.

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