Sunday, October 17, 2010

Natalie Tran & Iron Man - women and robots

Natalie Tran exposes some of the dilemmas of being a female Iron Man. She doesn't fit in the suit. It is kind of awesome using it to iron and launder in. I know the Incredibles went into the domesticity vs superhero space but it could do with a lot more exploring! I love that Natalie took over the suit and became Iron Man and I adore that she explained how she couldn't actually fit. There are so many engineering and medical design issues around women not being able to use things designed by men for men.

Think seat belts and airbags - they had to introduce legislation to amend lethal design! Think painkillers and most drugs that are tested only on male mice - no allowance for different hormonal reactions. Think joint replacements designed on a male skeleton. The list of things not designed for women is longer and more serious than you'd imagine, so go Nat, Iron Man/Woman, whatever. The discussion of gender roles in robotics has a great starting point here.

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