Thursday, October 21, 2010

Young Woman Chief Of Police In Mexican Municipality | Mexico

This is bravery:

"Last week there were at least eight murders in Praxedis. The former mayor was killed in June. And police officers have also been targeted.

Valles officially took on her new post in front of the 19 police officers, including nine recently recruited women, who will be her team.

"I took the risk because I want my son to live in a different community to the one we have today. I want people to be able to go out without fear, as it was before," Valles said.

More than 2500 people have been killed this year in the Juarez valley region, where the town lies, and the area is deemed a high-traffic transit point for illegal drugs, as well as migrants, into the US state of Texas.

With scant resources, Valles said her job will not be to fight drug trafficking because that responsibility falls on soldiers and federal police.

Instead, she will focus on rehabilitating public spaces and improving relationships between neighbours in order to improve general security."

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