Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to the Robot State


You'll be seeing me here and there assisting robot ambassadors with all the paperwork humans need to visit the robot state. Passports, visas, permits and vaccinations, that sort of stuff. This gives me an excuse to make cool conceptual robots - artifacts, as it were, like my recent rocket cars rather than serious toy robots for kids competitions. After all, I can't compete with Ishiguro or Honda's Asimo or Hanson's RoboKind or iRobot or Willow Garage but I can be a person asking the questions about why we and robots behave the way we do together. Why do we name robots the way we do and what do our robot's names say about us? Robots have some rights too, you know.

This may help my thesis on robot names and human-robot interaction. But then again, it could be a really great distraction cause I've been itching to build something. For serious updates on the Robot State.

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