Friday, August 1, 2008

Gartner's Elephant in the Room: I Am Woman, Hear Me Trumpet!

A little bit of feminist and class analysis would go a long way, geek guys! Maverick is another word for masculine, aka white male supremacist, it seems.

"2018: Gender, age, race and culture will have no meaning when dealing with avatars.... Women will continue as the engine of employment growth, but will continue to face the perennial challenge of reconciling their professional and private lives."

What a load of euphemistic twaddle! Women have children.. that's their private life. Men don't or at least they don't have trouble reconciling a professional and private life. Why is that?

"Women are meeting increasing opportunities and challenges. A century of progress has pulled them out of domesticity and into business, social and political roles.." NO IT HASN'T!!! WE HAVE GONE BACKWARDS INTO DOMESTICITY BIG TIME!!!

That doesn't mean we don't have buying power and adoption of technology but all those young women dancing blithely into the workforce are silently slipping out again the moment they have children.. especially more than one child.

I'm quoting from the Gartner Research Paper 28 July 2008 ID G00159053
"2018: Digital Natives Grow Up and Rule the World"
.... unless they are female and have children.... or even just female.

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