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Our Turn... The Right Idea but not the Reality

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Our Turn! is an exciting and unique new guide for women wanting to succeed in business.If you want to learn how to raise funds for a new venture, construct a business plan from scratch, understand a balance sheet, or tackle the daunting world of PR, this book is for you. With information on finding the financial backing for start-ups, how to pitch for business and breaking through the glass ceiling, Our Turn! deals with issues that are simply not covered in other business books, making it a must-have for any woman looking to make her way in the business world or start her own business.

Our Turn! contains essential information for a woman in business and takes a closer look at the ways in which men and women differ, and shows how these differences can be used to a woman's advantage.There are surprisingly few books on entrepreneurship directly aimed at women, but this book aims to change that, with extensive research into all aspects of women's involvement in business and invaluable information on some of the fundamentals of setting up, and running, a business.

The book includes first-rate advice and opinions from top business women, such as Anita Roddick, Martha Lane Fox, and Nicola Horlick, who show how gender has played a part in their journeys, and how they have made it to the top in the often male-dominated world of business. There are also top tips from an expert in the field of PR and essential advice on the invaluable art of networking.

Produced in association with the Women in Business team at HBOS, Our Turn! is intended to encourage women to strike out and take a different approach to business, rather than conform to the conventional strategies and styles often instigated and developed by men.

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Our Turn!: The Ultimate Start-Up Guide for Female Entrepreneurs
By Alpesh B. Patel, Nikki Royston, Nishika Patel
Contributor Nishika Patel
Published by Harriman House Limited, 2005
ISBN 1897597479, 9781897597477
283 pages

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