Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TED Talks in Newtown - Robots

Guerrilla Science! I've been putting up posters on King St. I haven't exactly done a band run and my sticky tape dispenser is dinky but it brings back memories! Thursday night is the first of our planned TED Talks at Newtown Public School and we have no idea how it will go!

THURS 2nd April 6 to 7.30
at Newtown Public School
screening short videos and talks about
the now of robotics and nanotechnology
by Prof Rodney Brooks from MIT
and Hod Lipson from Cornell
chaired by Dr Michael Harries
PhD Artificial Intelligence

Robots & Superhumans

ENTRY FREE, OPEN to all members of community

there will be real robots

This is my second year running a science club at the school. Last year we were overwhelmed with interest from children (60+) but had only a few parent volunteers. This year, I've arranged for paid professional workshops. It's cheap as, yet the enrolments are not quite at the expected level. Perhaps I made it too cheap! Still, my kids are getting great workshops out of it.

We've just finished two sessions of robotics using Lego Mindstorms robots and some of us are inspired to do a science show fundraiser next term to raise money for school robots and laptops and do a robotics competition!

In the meantime... I'm going to try to tweet out the TED talks although it unfortunately clashes with the Sydney Skeptics in the Pub.

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