Friday, March 27, 2009

twitter will make me go blind

or perhaps my head will explode like the Australian Government Censorship Board homepage.. which was hacked yesterday just before Stephen Conroy's Q&A.

heads up courtesy of the hoydens about twitter @lauredhel and @crazybrave and culprit courtesy of @websinthe who has much of interest to say on #nocleanfeed and other things. I am checking the weather for melon showers and ordering more humour with my politics.

And if one's going to publicly argue as @wickedlibrarian points out you need to tool up as she turns to Skeptics Guide 5x5. Although paraphrasing from Princess Bitchface, in economic terms are you going to recoup your investment in an argument?

This very useful book by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, (also author of Real Wired Child which I haven't yet read) has uncanny parallels to Australian politics!

Although I can see the strange attraction (aka xkcd) in language lab's commentary. much irony.

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