Tuesday, May 5, 2009

12th Down Under Feminists Carnival. With cake. « In a strange land

Wouldn't mum be proud! Her birthday is also the 1st birthday of the Down Under Feminists Carnival hosted beautifully by Chally at in a strange land, who is not just referring to NZ.

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Anonymous said...

That's kind of you, thanks. (Psst! I blog at Zero at the Bone, In a strange land is Deborah's blog!)

Deborah said...

And to complicate things further, I am a New Zealander living in Australia, so that "strange land" amy or may not be Australia, or New Zealand, or both, or neither.

Andra said...

Incredibly stupid and mixed up of me! I think I was reading In a Strange Land's intro to the carnival at the time of my hasty mistaken post.

12th Down Under Feminists Carnival is collated by Chally from Zero at the Bone, where much other good reading resides.

Good reading is also at In A Strange Land by Deborah.

Apologies are by Andra who doesn't spend enough time reading (and proofreading) blogs.