Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bobcats Up Close!


A surprise bobcat sighting on my walk today. A pair of bobcats sauntered past me while I was stretching at the top of the little hill trail near home. They weren't fussed by my presence at all. From the squalling and caterwauling after they went into the bushes, they must have been a mating pair.

Every time I go for a walk I see something new and interesting but it can be just small things like butterflies, scat, clouds etc. and I nearly didn't go out today because it was already the middle of the day so I didn't expect largish animals to be about.

One of them was going to walk straight by me on the trail, while the other was more cautious and went around the tree, but by the time I'd fussed around finding my phone to take a photo, they'd both gone into the underbrush. I've borrowed a lovely photo from Tory Kallman Photography that looks just like my sighting.

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