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NZ 'hasn't forgotten Christchurch'


Last updated 05:00 08/10/2011

Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae wants Christchurch to know that the rest of the country still cares, even if the focus appears to have shifted to the Rugby World Cup.

Mateparae yesterday spent a "sobering" morning walking the earthquake-hit streets of Redcliffs, stopping to talk to residents.

"It is over a year since the September quake, and then the February quake ... and you can still see the physical devastation," he said.

"That doesn't convey the emotional and people tragedies, which had been very sobering. But people do still think about them, even with the passage of time, and even with the Rugby World Cup, people do still care."

Redcliffs resident Fletcher Stanton, who helped establish the Redcliffs on Sea community information centre after the February 22 quake, gave Mateparae a tour of the area.

"It's unfortunate that no-one takes any notice [of Redcliffs] because we're supposed to be filthy rich, but everyone is in the same boat here," he said.

Redcliffs on Sea started as a small stall on February 23, giving out bottled water and food.

It grew into a big operation, supplying pet food, fresh water, hot meals and finding tradespeople to fix damaged properties.

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328   #4   05:39 pm Oct 08 2011

No, NZ hasn't forgotten about Christchurch; its just that alot of them are sick to death of hearing about us and our shattered city, houses, businesses, and lives. They have no concept of what happened or of the damage. I have had people in Europe, Australia, and even parts of NZ, who innocently asked me 'so, has life returned to normal now'.

Michael   #3   02:14 pm Oct 08 2011

yeah right!

maggie   #2   01:24 pm Oct 08 2011

@1 Jeffrey, I have to agree. I went to a mtg in Wellington for work recently and no-one seemed to be aware that life had changed here or even asked whether it had. You get to the point where you just don't talk about it to anyone outside Chch. This is very sad, and adds to the feelings of isolation and despair. I begin to understand why people needed RSL clubs after the war as they couldn't talk about their experiences to anyone else but those who had been through it.

Jeffrey Huffadine   #1   01:04 pm Oct 08 2011

NZ hasn't forgotten Christchurch?At least it is interesting to see that the new Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae has actually been touring Christchurch and has thought of Christchurch since the February and September and June quakes and reiterated and reminded NZ that this country hasn't forgotten Christchurch.Not many governor generals would say that NZ hasn't forgotten Christchurch.The reason for Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae for being in Christchurch was because of the Rugby World Cup and also my guess is as good as anybody elses that NZ cares about Christchurch.

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One year of earthquakes for Christchurch, NZ. I'm living in the Bay Area now but hearing stories from my old home town makes me realise just how unprepared I am for a serious earthquake event. The few relatives I have still in Christchurch are incredibly stoic. So much was destroyed that everyone is grateful for whatever they still have, but the cost of rebuilding and the length of time it takes is hard to grasp when you are safe. The TV cameras aren't on anymore.

While the same applies to Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami, and also Joplin, USA after the tornado or New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, there is one huge difference. NZ is not a very large country. Japan's horrific tsunami is economically the worst natural disaster in total cost, but the cost of the Christchurch earthquake to every person in NZ is approx $200,000 per person and blowing out all the time.

There have been three major quakes (Sept 2010, Feb2011 and June 2011) and many small aftershocks are felt every day. More stories from the front line include this collection at:

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