Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama into the Whitehouse - Yay...

Yay.. it is historic. It is wonderful. Why do I feel let down? Ever since it became a Barack/Hillary battle for the Whitehouse it's felt like a lose-lose situation.

I tried to explain to my children why it was historically wonderful that Barack Obama was the new US president, only I would have liked it if it had been woman.

Nine year old daughter said, "haven't we had a woman president in Australia?" Sighhhhhh.

My question is WHY haven't we had a woman 'president' in Australia. America would rather vote for a black man than a white woman. And it goes without saying that a black woman would have NO chance, even if she was Oprah. WHY??????????????


lauredhel said...

We are getting ever closer - we've had a woman Acting Prime Minister for the first time only in the last year. It's only a matter of time, I reckon, and quite possibly not too long.

Andra said...

wouldn't that be wonderful! Julia Gillard the dark horse of australian politics.

She seems to have demonstrated a lot of diplomacy, avoiding leadership fights for jobs that she then gets seemingly unopposed next time up.

Still, New Zealand has had Helen Clark for 9 years! Sigh, perhaps for not much longer as the NZ election looms.

I suppose NZ women (1893) have been voting for 9 years longer than Australians (1902) so perhaps it figures that NZ is 9 years further ahead than us in terms of women leading the country.