Saturday, November 29, 2008

Domestic Moddess - everything including the kitchen sink

I want a new kitchen sink. I know that other people use dishwashers but generally speaking I don't find them a significant time saver.

What I would like though is a kitchen sink set of three. Not two. I would like a sink for soaking, a sink for washing and a sink for rinsing. They don't have to be large.

I would really like a one way water flow through them, especially as our water temperature is quite low. If the hottest cleannest water started in the rinse sink and then flowed through to the wash sink with some detergent added on the way and then ended up, dirty and unloved, in the soak sink. That would be pretty cool.

One could easily [lol] make a small waterfall series with a detergent reservoir enroute.

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