Thursday, November 27, 2008

McStupid Seared Chicken Mumbai Ads

I am an idiot. As if my polite complaint will make a difference! But just in case, I have just put down my irate pen (after an evening of pleasure at the children's school) because honestly! It's been a rather busy day. I have a quick browse of the news when I get home.

80 killed in a terrorist attack in Mumbai

and I have to listen to the hiss and sizzle of seared McChicken breast before I can see news?

Tasteless and I don't mean the food!

I think we need some McCorpseorate responsibility.


Andra said...

Your comments have been received by McDonald's Australia Customer Service Department. A member of our team will contact you if you requested this option. Please do not respond to this email as it was generated automatically. Once again, we thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's with your comments.

Andra said...

omg! McDonalds does not condone the positioning of the mumbai story. Not their ad, the news story. wtf is the world coming to!

Dear Andra

Thank you for your email. Our advertising schedule is managed by an external media agency with advertising space bought based on audience numbers at particular times of the day, generally months in advance of a program airing. Thank you for bringing this unfortunate placement to our attention. Please be assured that McDonald's does not in any way condone the material aired prior to or after our particular advertising spots as these decisions rest with television programmers rather than our business or agencies acting on our behalf.

McDonald's Customer Service

Andra said...

if it's not clear enough already. don't put seared mcburger ads all over the news timeslots and then say sorry we can't control the news!

Show your ads at another time and it might be unfortunate placement. This is simply tasteless and opportunistic.