Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Digital Divide is Divisive

I was shouted down in my second class for expressing my view that women haven’t exactly achieved equality… even if and when we have equal access! I think the answer might lie in quotas in order to reach the percolation threshold. (Watts, 2003 p235)

“Indeed, it is a considerable irony of the network society that, for most of its members, securing the minimum condition of inclusion (and thereby averting complete exclusion and the radical powerlessness it would bring) simply grants them access to the infrastructure of their own continued inequality and relative domination.” (Castells, 2004 P 31)

I suggested a simple gender analysis like the number of women cited in the reading 7/58 vs the ratio in the class 18/23 should give pause to think. But I do not apparently make a convincing argument. Is that me or is that the network?

The Gender Agenda, website from Equal Opportunities Commission UK, suggests 200 years to impossible to achieve equality in some areas at the current pace.

The Australian Census on Women in Leadership is reporting a gradual decline in women’s participation in Australian business and government. (Australian Government Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency)

“Women still trail in pay stakes” Dan Harrison, the Age

“Women urged to sue to fix pay gap” Kirsty Needham, Sydney Morning Herald

“Fewer women holding top company jobs” Adele Horin, Sydney Morning Herald

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