Monday, September 14, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Uploaded by mallox. - Official promo for Gil Scott Heron's collected lyrics and poems, Now and Then. Produced by Peter Collingridge and directed by Julian House (Intro) in 2001.

On Friday i decided it was time to give voice to a little genie that has been whispering to me since I first heard Gil Scott-Heron a long time ago. At different times in my life I've had the desire to revoice this classic because the revolution is a continually evolving meme in my life.

But I never really had the right combination of content and passion to animate what would otherwise be empty, shallow, crass. A ripoff not a remix.

Now I'm not exactly expecting anyone else to agree or even listen. But on Friday (3 days ago) someone handed me the deadline for the Digital Fringe Festival (today) and I thought could this be the time? and could this be the rhyme?

Progress so far... Friday. Research and Prepare. I decide that any video I can pull off while have to be of the simplest and decide for black and white and red as a thematic. I think at some stage in the past the Screenbase Media clip for The Revolution will Not be Televised must have left an impact. But I wish I hadn't just watched it again, cause it's beautiful in a way I won't be able to do. At all. Truthfully, my biggest aim is to pull off a few hand drawn assemblages that convey network structure and formation without totally sucking.

Saturday: Snatch a few hours to write the thing while hosting robot club, going to kid's soccer presentation and other children's activities. Somehow don't manage to finish writing the poem. Which is the critical core element.

Sunday: Try to finish writing around the important last meeting before Nationals Robot Club. Aiming to record in afternoon. Fortunately Carl couldn't get here till dinner time to help me set up garage band. Carl frustrated cause he's a pro and setting up a track with a complete novice without access to any of his stuff and 15mins is something he doesn't really want his name associated with. I think he was brilliant. So was Eury who looked at my story structure and put me through the why? wringer and Deb who gave me performance notes to the nth. She'll wonder what i did with them but they're all in there somewhere.

Monday: I have less than 5 hours between kids this and kids that to do a ... 4.30 min video. You have got to be kidding. I think this should stay an audio track. Either way, I'm posting it later today.

I pay homage to Gil Scott-Heron, Sarah Jones and Emmanuel Jal, none of whom were harmed in the making of this remix, I hope.

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