Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Extreme To Do List

Read faster.
Lose 10-12kg.
Learn how to run.
Play football at Master's Games.
Read ALL the Network Society course notes this week.
Finish research, writing and referencing Gender Agenda assignment including 7 new posts by end of week.
Read ALL the Computers As Culture notes by next week.
Apply to TED India or Global.
Draft, discuss and revise plans for final assignments, lock topic by next week.
Start researching communities and prejudices re global warming on Climate Debate Daily vs Wikipedia.
Suggest skeptic groups sue Wikipedia for not providing neutral and objective information.
Run equivalence model skepticism to feminism?
Develop pathway for retired scientists to speak out online - the changed economy of science.
Settle for one paper and scoping a 1 year research and action plan re scientific knowledge, democracy, the environment and the internet.
Research and write the application as art AND/OR altermediacy.
Discuss plans for event/art installation with Eury and DeptHead on network society and control with parent/child metaphor.
If it's a go... then interactive sound/light installation to be constructed by Dec.
Research DesignLab more.
Dream up ways of mobilizing teh internets for illiterate non English speakers.
Sketch out plans for iphone ambient experiments.
Sketch out plans for my Eureka! clustering coefficient social search application.
Build it.
Finish the wiiiteboard... and the giant catapult.
Keep momentum up in kid's robot club after Nationals, with in school challenge and liaising with high school.
Continuing Science Club.
Continuing Trampoline School.
Continuing the TED Talks... now with guest curators!!!! YAY!
Read more bed time stories to kids.
Don't forget your friends and a social life.
Remember to go to work, too.
Personal stuff. Say no more.
Give up drinking. LOL.

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