Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Extreme To Do List Gets Distracted

What can I add to that image? These are some of the things I found along the search string "extreme to do list" starting with:

Indian Chemistry PhD posting furries on GaiaOnline as a platform to complain about discrimination, torture and wanting a job.

Quakers debating appropriate response to global warming and other environmental issues.

Extreme Pumpkins to amuse and terrify your friends, neighbours and children.

Two Knives - Incisive feminist posts on Bratz and beauty products.

Warcrafting for WOTLK from Wynthea at World of Matticus. Good tips for levelling up your characters and building miniguilds.

Maybank2u a malaysian banking portal reusing Einstein with domestic formulas.

Computer geek's 100 best aesthetically pleasing desktop turbochargers.

Design Mom.. I am duly awefully inadequate. It's amazing how many mom/women/craft things turn up on this string.

SilverClipboard puts it into practice, photographing then decimating everything superfluous in his married life. Wonder if he's still married?

Sodahead musing on do-the-extreme-right-wingers-threatening-revolution-even-realize-how-delusional-they-truly-are

LearnerDriver on 10 things to do if someone stares at you (for being young pretty and female in general)

TheSucculentWife's Favorite Things filed under Useful Stuff - ListPlanIt

and finally, I have to stop with the Extreme Women's Self Care Meetup attended by 0.

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