Thursday, September 10, 2009

iCub, the Toddler Robot (w/ Videos, Pictures)

"( -- A little humanoid robot called iCub is learning how to think for itself, bringing the world of science fiction to reality. The major goal of the "RobotCub" project is to study how humans learn and think, using a robot with the size and brain of a toddler, but the study is also expected to have practical applications in the near future.

The robot, with its cute white face and big eyes, is designed to learn from experience and adapt to changes in its environment, just like a human child. As iCub learns, the scientists behind it hope to learn about the development of cognition in humans. According to research director Peter Ford Dominey, the goal is to understand more about the ability of humans to cooperate, work together, and understand what others want us to do."

I expect it will shortly learn to play suzuki violin and then its cute as a button little face will strike terror in the hearts of every musical mother out there. I have discovered the Uncanny Valley soundtrack!

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