Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andragy Blogger Design Updated - Thanks to....

Thanks to the blog community! I have been able to customise blogger enough to satisfy my aesthetic requirements for a while. I'm sticking with blogger right now because I love the new blogger features, like scheduled posts and export blog. If I'd had that one earlier I might still have my blog from Europe!

I've tried a few of the others and I love the feel of wordpress and the additional pages but it just isn't as convenient as blogger is right now. I barely have enough time to post let alone to spend weeks handcrafting my CSS!

For the nav bar hack. Muchas Gracias! Avatar at Bloggeratto and also iSuman.
For the header art: Thanks to Smashing Magazine and Pascal Greuter at Sublog
For the label cloud: Arigato Amanda Fanzani from Blogger Buster for Blogumulus and Roy Tanck for the original Cumulus
For stuff I haven't done yet but probably will soon like tabs: Props to Woork and Antonio Lupetti
For Mu GuiYing: Kudos to Oriental Outpost and the artist ? Ou-Yang Guo-De.? Li Ying-Lai ?
I regret not purchasing this painting when it was for sale. Please can you recreate Mu GuiYing as she is here?

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