Saturday, September 13, 2008

I remember when you were 10...

and you were trapped every afternoon after school in a converted toilet with no computer let alone the interweb thingy.

When you had to make up games with cardboard tubes and boxes. When you had to bring your own books and red cordial was the pinnacle of adventure... that and rope burn from the incredibly dangerous play area outside.
GI Pin Up: Ella Morton
GI Pin Up: Ella Morton
The mind is an erogenous zone.
Ella Morton, like her heroine, X-File sleuth Dana Scully, is a feisty redhead with a very large brain (well, we can't actually prove it's large, but we know it holds alot).
A nethead since the late 90s, the delightful Ella fused a background in the arts and some curious dabblage in electronics retail, with a natural talent for writing and an unnatural yen for things technologic -- and hardwired them into a successful gig as Features Editor at CNET Australia.
She's amassed a legion of fans with her smart, sassy commentary on things tech, prompting us to chase her around the Interwebs for a Pin-Up session.
GI: Favourite toy as a child?

EM: I really dug board games. Candy Land in particular. And Trouble! With the pop-o-matic bubble dice. Life was simpler back then.

GI: What are your earliest memories of technology and the Internet?
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