Monday, September 15, 2008

Why do all chefs smoke?

It kills the tastebuds and gustatorily challenged people should not be making careers in charge of food, thanks.

Of course it's a high stress occupation with limited time to relax so I can certainly get the appeal of the quick fag in the alley way. It's also likely to be dulling the appetite which is bound to be a fairly high factor in a food rich environment in a superficial society. Otherwise our chefs will be rather roly-poly chefs.

So the choice is: slim chefs who smoke and cook crap tasting food and die early of coronary occlusion or fat chefs who don't smoke who cook divine food and die early of coronary occlusion.

As a consumer I have my opinion. As a person who never can quite "do what I know I should" however, can you spare a ciggie?

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