Saturday, September 6, 2008

Neuroscience: the new black (lol)

Hauser, Doidge, Wyndham on Teo

Throwing in Ray Kurzweil, a little Clive James eventually
and Richard Dawkins because he's like the new Stephen Hawking

Just found an amusing sight/site called Null Hypothesis.

Skipping right over the Harvard Business Review's recent article about neuroscience - notable mainly for the fact that it is in there and then placed in context by the expert - while exciting it neuroscience is barely relevant to business and one should distrust the simplicity of our archaic tests and approaches to the scarily not understood brain.

After all HBR follows up with an article all about World of Warcraft potentially training business leaders and how it could be worth while for executives to not dis the gamers. Puhlease!

I was struck by the snippet on, the website created by the Visual Communication Lab (part of IBM's Collaborative User Experience research group) for the express purpose of letting people experiment for free with some of the latest graphing technology and exchange ideas about the underlying data.

this is really a discrete post!

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