Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Edna Ryan - the real Fun, Fearless Female!

3 SWORDS for this amazing woman warrior. VALE!
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Each year the women's electoral lobby celebrate the life and work of Edna Ryan through the presentation of the "Ednas". When Edna died in 1997 at the age of 92, she left a rich legacy. These awards are designed to support the interests that Edna championed, and to proclaim the fun and humour that she enjoyed.

She balanced her advocacy with friendship (mothering more than her own three children), a sense of fun (creating potholders with political slogans) and a love of theatre. She passionately wanted to make the world better for all, and especially for working women. More information on Edna Ryan

Follow the links to read extracts of the nominations for 2008. The full nominations are deposited with the NSW State Library and made available to the public. The recipients were:

MENTORING: Dori Wisniewski (photo ), Suna Er (photo ), Sandra D'Souza (photo )

EDUCATION: Jude Irwin (photo ), Lesley Laing (photo )

WORKFORCE: Jo Kowalczyk (photo )


GOVERNMENT: Liz Barlow (photo )

COMMUNITY ACTIVISM: Matina Mottee (photo ), Elaine Odgers Norling (photo ), Christine Sinclair , Beth Eldridge (photo ), Tess Brill (photo )

THE GRAND STIRRER: Karen Lee Willis (photo )

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