Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Headline - Labor councillor attacks her party

There are not enough women in politics. Meredith Burgmann - 3 SWORDS.

Meredith Burgmann ... hates the way the party operates.

Meredith Burgmann ... hates the way the party operates.
Photo: Danielle Smith

Sunanda Creagh Urban Affairs Reporter SMH
September 24, 2008

The NSW ALP is run by right-wing machine men, has an offensive, blokey culture and would be vastly improved by the departure of the power broker Joe Tripodi.

No, it was not the Greens talking; it was Labor's newly elected City of Sydney councillor, Meredith Burgmann, who yesterday delivered a stinging attack on her party.

Cr Burgmann told the Herald at the swearing-in of the new Sydney city councillors that she "hates the way the party operates".

"I think it's offensive. I hate the right-wing, blokey culture," she said. "I would be much happier if Joe Tripodi wasn't there."

Cr Burgmann attracted 9066 votes in her bid to become lord mayor of Sydney. It was nowhere near enough to beat the incumbent, Clover Moore, who got 56 per cent of the lord mayoral vote, but the silver-haired Labor left-winger got almost 1000 more votes than the Greens candidate, Chris Harris.

"My personal vote was fine, which shows we were right to run a defiantly left-wing campaign," she said.

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