Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AntiFeminists - should win Darwin Award!

I stumbled upon an australian/newzealand antifeminist site and was shocked, initially, to discover just how active and virulent it was.

I forwarded it to two younger female colleagues and have watched them poke it with sticks all through lunch... "can you believe this? oh NO! i've got to stop looking..."

You can imagine it. All the usual crap... and then some... and then something more scary. Congratulatory bull about how feminism has died. How the feminist rants of early years have disappeared because we just can't cut it any more. No one will listen to a feminist (if they still exist) because our stupidity has been so thoroughly shown up.

My younger colleagues are like... "dude, hello! i'm sitting here drafting policy for ministers, not sitting at home watching Oprah! What are YOU doing, dickface!"

I feel oddly comforted now, firstly having warned my so rational sisters that the war is not over and the enemy is closer than they imagined.

And secondly, that these anti-feminist idiots must surely be candidates for the Darwin Awards. They are breeding themselves out of our gene pool because no women would put up with them. I hope.

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