Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sword Award for Awesome Woman Warriors

ONE SWORD AWARD - pretty pathetic really but you are at least trying. You are a foot soldier in the feminist ranks. A good follower but ultimately cannon fodder.

TWO SWORD AWARD - you will die trying. You are a sergeant at arms in the struggle. You might even have a better idea of the issues than those in command but no one's listening. You might also be completely misguided but you are making the effort.

THREE SWORD AWARD - Master (or Mistress) and Commander. You are leading us into battle in your area of excellence.

FOUR SWORD AWARD - kick ass extreme awesomeness. You are Feminist Fists of Fury. You are often ahead of your time and under appreciated. But we love you. You are four swords of awesome woman warrior!

FIVE SWORD AWARD - this is nirvana. You are SuperMummy, WonderWoman, Eve, Lilith, Germaine and Madonna. YOU ARE UBERWOMAN! You are everything Feminist. As that includes many contradictions, upon attaining this level of awesomeness you will instantly transport to another dimension leaving a black hole the size of Switzerland behind.

I continually revise my opinion of how many swords someone is worth, so keep checking! Comment!

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