Monday, September 15, 2008

Young women - not all wastes of space?

To be ruthlessly fair, I haven't really worked out a code of points for evaluating space wasting existence vs worthwhile use of space.

When I was younger I thought there was a lot to be said (mostly by Nietzsche, Sartre and de Beauvoir) about existentialism. I happily justified my useless existence, in fact, I segued blithely into Anarchy and set it to music.

I think I have had too much teenage angst happening at home recently.
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A hand-up to school offers a way out of poverty
Phoebe Williams … crusader for street children in Africa.

Phoebe Williams … crusader for street children in Africa.
Photo: Bob Pearce

"It is completely lifting that child out of the circle of
poverty by giving them access to secondary education and if they
don't make it through the exams, we then offer them a place in a
vocational training college," Williams says.

What makes a twentysomething university student from Sydney's
eastern suburbs decide to take on the cause of African

A bout of meningococcal meningitis at 14 gave Williams a
surprisingly mature sense of mortality. The potentially fatal
experience left her with a sense of survivor's guilt and inspired
her own educational choices.

With degrees in commerce and science - majoring in development
economics and finance - under her belt, she enrolled in a
postgraduate medical degree at the University of Sydney.

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