Monday, September 29, 2008

Somewhat Frank vs Non Society - Talk About Sex

In the words of the great Salt-n-Pepa, "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!"

Isn't vidcasting some kind of interesting? It's all about sex. Thirty something mating behaviours to be exact. Whether you are actually younger or older it doesn't matter. This whole 'let's film ourselves having serious discussions for everyone else out there' is some sophisticated mating marketplace behaviour.

I went in looking for Web 3.0, Social Networking and Feminism. Look what I came out with!

"We took a walk in the park and got to chatting about startups,
technology, electric cars, pets and even encountered a rather
distracting making out session. Check out video episode 46 on SOMEWHAT FRANK with Meghan Asha from NonSociety (below)."

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