Monday, September 15, 2008

Stop Assassinating Sarah Palin's CHARACTER!

You can question her policies, her experience and her plans but leave her character OUT of it! I'd go so far as to say... Stop photoshopping stuffed bears into her pictures! even if I did laugh.

The same thing goes for Belinda Neal, Clover Moore, Meredith Burgmann, Verity Firth, Reba Meagher, Cheryl Kernot, Natasha Stott-Despoja, Carmen Lawrence, Julia Gillard, Hilary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Maggie Thatcher et alia.

Special mention to Germaine Greer who is always willing to stick her neck out. I don't hear women roar enough. See Other Rants ( by Another Outspoken Female

Some quick links I googled:
Amanda Vanstone I/V Pamela Boon 2002 the Age
Women, Politics and The Press in Australia by Cathy Jenkins
Long Way to the Lodge by Rebecca Weisner 2007 the Australian
ARPA Women in Politics by Shelly Savage 2005

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